Established in the State of California, A.N. Investigations, LLC is a fully licensed and insured company. We provide a variety of professional investigation service nationwide. A.N. Investigations brings unique talents, backgrounds, education and technical skills to each assignment.  We operate on strict integrity in all aspects of our work and can be relied upon to maintain an ethical perspective without sacrificing quality. Our commitment is to find solutions for our clients by providing factual relevant information, and the latest state of art technology equipment.

All investigative activities achieve the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality. We provide quality investigative results and service that meet our client’s highest expectation within a timely and cost efficient manner.  A.N. Investigations business philosophy is to develop an exclusive level of reliance and establish a long term business relationship with our clients by providing solutions through innovative investigation research.

The founder Alvin Narciso has become the nation’s most exceptional investigator in the field today and surpassed the highest ranked accomplishments in our recent decade. Alvin Narciso has succeeded in solving thousands of Workers Compensation cases for large insurance carriers in Southern California. In addition, he has help propel one of the leading investigative company in United States today.

Mr. Narciso has over eighteen years of experience in investigations and has received multiple awards, certification and recognition in his field. Mr. Narciso is recognized as one of the top investigators in the industry, overseeing the coordination and performance of the investigative team.