Our services are conducted with the highest ethical and professional standards, in full compliance with the local state and federal private laws. Depending on the type of investigation or contracts our investigators have specialized training or expertise in multiple range of investigations. Our investigators will provide photographic and video proof of questionable activity and assist you in taking appropriate steps to resolve the issue.service1

We at A.N. Investigations are always mindful of the objectives and goals of our clients. We never forget that we are your eyes and ears. Making every effort to complete every investigation within the scope and authorization provided.

At A.N. Investigations we have very competitive rates.  All rates are explained up front or by the hour.  We have flat rates for multiple request for insurance companies, corporate clients, individual persons and law-firms.

Call or e-mail today and we will send you a discreet quote on your requested service.  All quotes are sent back immediately.  There is no charge for consultation.  If you do not see a service listed please ask our staff, if we cannot provide a specific service we will be more than happy to direct you to an agency than can assist you.

Worker’s Compensation
Our Workers’ Compensation services division provides all of the services you need to assess complicated claims.  This service provides high-quality, results-focused investigative services, utilizing the most up-to-date techniques and technology available in our field today. Our detailed reports are easy to read, and accurately reflect our professional effort and surveillance results.

Background Investigation
Confirms a person’s identity and provides the essential facts you most need to know. You will discover family members, spouses and other live-ins.  Determine personal asset, including homes and automobiles.  Background checks can be a crucial element to your Human Resources Process.  We recommend performing a detailed background check on job candidates for those with access to financial information or funds.  Our clients regularly find that the information in background checks performed by our detectives help them to reduce risk from fraud, embezzlement, substance abuse problems, and other negative consequences of bad hire.

Criminal/Civil Records
This superb combination search of national criminal/civil records, statewide criminal/civil records search, county criminal/civil hand searches, tracks down all available criminal/civil records.

We have a few of the finest surveillance investigators in the industry. With many years of experience among our investigators, we have a strong team highly skilled in coordinating moving and fixed surveillances. We perform surveillance utilizing the most advanced and sophisticated equipment. The activities are documented with detailed reports, video, and photos.

Our goal of our investigative efforts, in accordance with any specific instructions that you provide, is to factually document the activities of the subject, and not to entrap “bait” or in any other manner influence the outcome of the investigation. We realize that matters involving infidelity are very sensitive, and can affect the lives of everyone involved, including the partners and other family members. As such, like every investigation that we are involved with, representatives of A.N. Investigations utilize the absolute highest degree of discretion and confidentiality, and will never discuss your personal matters with anyone else.

Basic Search
Which provides information useful for the location of the individual persons. This is the least expensive option that we offer to locate an individual person and the average turn-around time for this search is typically less than 24 hours.
A.N. Investigations provides the following services:

Worker’s Compensation

Criminal Investigations

People Search

Background Investigations

Civil Investigations

Mate Check

Undercover Investigations

Extra Martial Affair

Fraud Investigations     


Information Gathering

Due Diligence

Process Server

Records Research


Data Search

Skip Tracing

Activity Check